Frozen shoulder[s]

I've got this illness called "frozen shoulder" in both of my shoulders. The doctor dont seem to know so much about frozen shoulders, and have given me painkillers that do not kill pain, but make my head dizzy.  So when I'm lucky I sometimes fell in sleep for a few hours. And of course - he asked me to not use my arms to much.
I think that was ment to be the easy part. It's not.

I didnt know what this was in the first place, so I went to a chiropractor for about 20 times, before I gave it up. He didnt think it was frozen shoulders, but instead he gave me an "office disease", - you know the one you get with 20 hours together with your computer every day? Well. He was wrong. Not about the computer maybe, but about .. the office?

The I went to a naprapat. She tryed to killed me twice, so I stoped going. Of course. And my doctor approved.
Now I try to stop the pain by  going to a clinic using Laser as a pain killer. I've only tried it a few times, and my doctor do not approve. But I dont care. I have to know that I am doing something to not turn crazy. And the Laser treatment feels right, and most important - its not painful.

To day the doctor gave me cortison pills for 1 week. I hate that, but I'll eat them.

Frozen Shoulder Facts:

  • 2-5% of the population.
  • It is more common in women (60%)
  • It is at least five times more common in diabetics
  • It is slightly more common in patients with Dupytren?s contracture
    and shares some of the same pathology
  • It may have a genetic component i.e./ it can run in the family
  • It may well have an hyper responsive auto-immune component
  • It seems to affect 40-70 year olds (in Japan it is known as 50?s shoulder)
  • About 15% of people get it on both sides

How long does it last for?

Symptoms lasts an average of thirty months (some say longer)

There are four phases to frozen shoulder, (which lasts an average of 30 months).
Pre-Freezing (0-1 week)
Freezing (1 - 8 months)
Frozen (9 - 16 months)
Thawing (12 - 40 months)

I am in the middle of the Freezing stage, so... wish me luck.

Frozen shoulder diagnosis
Drs about Frozen shoulder


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